Mar 11, 2008


MATTONELLA is the newest pendant in my shop.
The name means tile in Italian, and of course it is inspired by the shape of this pendant, but also by all the little squares/tiles that form the I guess it is a double tile, or a tile of tiles!

The material I’ve used for this pendant is recycled paper, to be more precise I used few pages of a magazine called DRUG DISCOVERY news, a magazine dedicated to drugs research business.

The technique I’ve used is a mix of weave and embroider.
That’s a theme very common to all my work: old techniques applied to an unconventional material.


MATTONELLA e’ il nuovo pendente nel mio negozio .
Il nome e’ ispirato dal dalla sua forma e dal fatto che in fondo e’ formato da piccole mattonelle, si potrebbe dire che e’ un mosaico di mattonelle!
Per farlo ho usato carta riciclata, per dirla tutta ho usato delle pagine di un giornale specializzato in ricerca di nuovi farmaci (
La tecnica usata e’ un misto di tessitura e ricamo.
Vecchie tecniche riadattate a materiali non convenzionali: questo e’ un tema ricorrente nel mio lavoro!


Jenrosesegrest said...

wow this is awesome, such intricate work, great colors as well

ThePeachTree said...

I bow to your amazing photography :) Just gorgeous!

earmark said...

wow, amazing! this piece is unbelievable, i love it! great blog too!

Fru said...

thank you guys!

Erin said...

Wow, this is an awesome pendant made from the magazine pages.

nanjodogz said...

I just stopped by your blog -- saw your link in the Etsy forums. Your paper pieces are quite amazing. Unique and lovely -- very nice!

Fru said...

Thank you Erin and nanjodogz, I'm glad you stopped by!