Jan 23, 2009

Work in progress

I'm working on some new pieces for an exhibition at the Aaron Faber Gallery next March (more details about the exhibition will come later)

Here is a snap shot of what's going on on my desk this morning:

I have just finished to embroider SCRIBBLE PETALI

Jan 15, 2009

Sunday afternoon desk mess

This is a snap shot of my desk last Sunday afternoon

I'm trying to study new possible shapes for my origami paper jewelry line.

More origami paper jewelry

Jan 12, 2009

My treasury made the front page

It has been a while since I tried to get a treasury list on Etsy. But last Friday, I was online for quite sometime I got lucky! I just had to wait for 5 minutes and I managed to grab a list.
The theme was Arm Ornament, and it made the Front Page of Esty!
Which is very rewarding for two main reason:
first, I love to be able to show off the great talent artists on Esty and second (a more narcissistic reason maybe) I like that my "list making" tastes are Front page worth ;-)

And if you're curious to see what my arm ornament, check them here

Jan 8, 2009

Last bit of Xmsas

This morning setting Xsmas ornaments aside

last red ball hanging on my dinning room wall

Happy 2009!