Mar 13, 2008


Yesterday I started a new Flickr group all about blogged photo.

Why I did it?
I started this group because I've always found such great photos in all the blogs I visited, and I thought it would be cool to have all of them grouped in a single place.
And this is also a new way to meet new blogs and to keep in touch with each other!

The following stream of photos is a little sample of the photos from the group.

Why you should join?
I’ll just give you few among the reasons
First, because you’re invited
Second, because if you blog, this is a way to connect with other bloggers
Third ,because if you love reading blog, this is new queak and fun way to look through blogs.

Once you have joined, add this code to your blog, help spread the word!
<a href=""><img width="48" alt="bloglove icon" src="" height="48" /> </a>


Alex Whatton said...

I love your stuff! And thank you for your comment on my Cibo post - I could not remember what onion was in Italian (even though I lived in Florence for four months and took a cooking class - pathetic, I know) THANK YOU! I love the new flickr group as well...see you blogging!

Fru said...

How fun a cooking class in Florence!
I'm very excited for starting this new adventure!
Ciao Alex and thanx for stopping by!

Clarissa said...

thats a great idea! i'm joining blog love =)

Fru said...

Great Clarissa welcome!