Oct 22, 2008

Does blog banner matter?

Few days ago, I decided to design a new banner for the blog, and I found myself wondering if blog banner matters at all.
This is the kind of question that never finds a single good answer. It is like asking if appearance matters more than substance. What do you think?
My personal answer to this dilemma is yes it matters!
Don’t take me wrong I’m not a superficial person, but it matters if you’re trying to introduce yourself through a visual media like the web.

And this is why I had put a lot of thoughts in what my banner should look like, and my last version is a fingerspelling of FRUCCI DESIGN.
Why fingerspelling?
Because it is made with hands or handmade, and my blog is about what I do and my hands are my most important tool!

By the way, while researching for this article I found out that the word BANNER comes from late Latin bandum, a cloth out of which a flag is made (Latin banderia, Italian bandiera).


Andrea said...

Clever banner. I like it!

donnaraita said...

Ciao finalmente riesco a lasciarti un messaggio. Innanzitutto volevo dirti che sono una tua fan. I tuoi gioielli sono stuuupppeeeeeendiiiii..... quando li ho visti la prima volta girovagando sul web me ne sono subito innamorata. Per quanto riguarda il tuo banner lo trovo geniale, d'altra parte, come dici tu, le tue mani e le tue dita sono IMPORTANTISSIME per poter realizzare queste meraviglie. Complimenti. Brava anche per tutti i riconoscimenti che hai ricevuto per il tuo lavoro. W il Made in Italy (anche se all'estero) eh, eh, eh ciao e a presto... Rita

Fru said...

Grazie Rita!
Sona d'accorto con te W il made in Italy...anche se sono all'estero!

chic beads by germaine said...

I knew what it said, but I had to click and read... Banners are just as important as how you present yourself, your business, or craft.

Kathleen said...

Awesome - it got my attention and I had to check it out =)

Abijah Gupta said...

Awesome.... it got my attention and was eager to know what it actually meant... :)