Feb 19, 2009

Vi presento Clizia

the new eco-earrings collection

I have been looking for a new origami design for some time now and today I’m finally launching my last addition to the Girasoli family: Clizia.

As for the rest of the “family” Clizia earrings are based on eco-design. Colorful magazine pages are cut in little square, folded and beads are stitched on.

And if you are wondering about the name Clizia, here is the story:

In Roman mythology Clizia was in love with Apollo (god of light and the sun), who abandoned her for Leucothea. Clizia was so angered that she told Leucothoe's father about the affair and the rival was buried alive. Apollo in anger at Clizia left her sat naked, with neither food nor drink, for nine days on a rock staring at the sun, Apollo, and mourning his departure. After nine days, the suffering turned Clizia yellow and brown, and she was transformed into a sunflower (Girasole) which turns its head always to look longingly at Apollo's chariot of the sun.