Apr 25, 2008

Casting my name

Yesterday I had my first casting experience, and I started with a ring: “MY NAME IS” ring.
These are few sketched ideas

The wax model was sprunged it and invested

The ring was casted and here is how it looked once the silver was quenched

The sawed out ring is ready for the cleaning process

But I couldn’t resist trying it on!

Apr 22, 2008


From today, GIRASOLE is also synonym of brooch!

It is the new eco friendly brooch in my shop, made of old magazine page and embroidered with tiny blue seed beads.

On a black jacket it really pops out!

Apr 21, 2008


"What is your favorite color?
If you had to choose among 36 colors, which one would you pick?"
This was what Brooke was wondering about few days ago…when she had a fabulous idea: “why pick just one? why not more and all together?”
So everything started combining colors

…paper was cut…

…transformed into tridimensional elements…

…few of the tiniest seed beads were included and sterling silver wire was hammered…

BROOKE earrings are now part of my paper jewelry collection.

Grazie Brooke

Qual’e’ il vostro colore preferito?
Se aveste 36 colori fra cui scegliere per quale optereste?
Questo era cio’ che si chiedeva Brooke qualche giorno fa…quando le e’ venuta una fantastica idea: “Perche’ limitarsi ad uno, perche’ non di piu’”
Cosi’ tutto e’ cominciato con la scelta dei colori…
… la carta e’ stata tagliata…
…trasformata in elementi tridimensionali…
…alcune perline aggiunte, l’argento e’ stato battuto..
..ora gli orecchini BROOKE fanno parte della mia collezione di gioielli!

Apr 16, 2008

Bond's dad

The 2008 is the centenary of the birth of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond,and to celebrate a series of events have been organized, you can check them on this website .

As a little girl I use to love James Bond movies...the music, the humor, the locations, and if you want to know my personal preference on the usual question who is the best James...I must reply Sean Connery of course!!

Sean Connery
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Apr 11, 2008

Visit to LACMA

I’m a museum person, I can’t help it...if I’m in a new city I have to visit as many museum as I can, and everytime I’m back home, in Rome, I have to go visit at least one art exhibition!
But I have been postponing the visit to LACMA for so long, and why? Simple! it was just too close, too handy!

I tend to procrastinate when something it’s so easy to do that could be done it anytime!
Well, now I have no time left, I’m leaving LA in 20 days so I had to go!

The new opened building of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum is a travertine box surrounded by red steel beams by Renzo Piano:

Originally uploaded by Dan Hontz

I was very happy to find the first floor of the BCAM dedicated to one of my favorite metal sculptor: Richard Serra.

I'm posting videos for both the two Serra's sculptures, Band and Sequence, which, in my modest opinion, describe better than a single photo the dynamicity of these two masterpieces and give the flavor of what an incredible experience is walking in these giants



While we were strolling about the second floor, I entered a room and..SURPRICE a gigantic table immediately made me feel tiny (which is generally not easy to do being almost 5.10”!)

Therrien's "Under the table", an almost 10 ft tall sculpture, brought me back when I was a little child and I could crawl under the table, while adults had their supper...down there it was a world made just for little ones!

Now I'm really ready to leave LA!

Apr 8, 2008

March Madness

So far March has been the craziest month of the last few years for me!
The mosaic below kind of summarizes few of the events, but now I should be able to get back on track and blog regularly again!

The biggest news of all…well there few I can’t reveal yet, but one I certainly can:
I’m leaving sunny California in direction of up state NY…more precisely to Rochester!