Mar 14, 2008


Yesterday the nice guys at FrizziFrizzi made a shoot out on my work!
It is so exciting to be in feature in blogs that I love!
What is cool about this blog?
They are always super updated with all the new trends!
The blog is in Italian, but this is only a plus…you can learn Italian while reading at the latest fashion and design news!

The stunning part of the article is this:
"Trovare tracce del suo lavoro diurno (la chimica) nelle sue creazioni notturne (i bijoux) non è poi così difficile: Francesca costruisce i suoi orecchini, le sue collane e i suoi bracciali come fossero molecole, disponendole secondo modelli che ricordano molto le strutture organiche viste al microscopio"
Which means that you can find hints of my daily job (biologist) in my creations, because my pieces resemble of molecules observed in the microscope.
This is so true and I’ve realized it just now that they made me notice that!
Thank you FrizziFrizzi!


In My Head Studios said...

That is awesome! Congrats!

Kerry said...

Wow! Your work is fantastic! I love that your biologistness shows through your art!

Fru said...

Thank you!