Mar 7, 2009

Sarurday morning bench mess

I really enjoy keeping track of my creative process, so here it is my Saturday morning working table snap shot

At the moment I'm working on several projects.
I have just finished four new Petali Bracelets.
And I have also cured almost 150 paper elements, some will be used to make more Rosarios and other are going to be in a very new necklace.

I generally like to work at one project at the time, but lately i started feeling time is flying so fast that i have to do more things at once, which doesn't necessary means I'm producing more, but I feel more productive!

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Team Zvonik said...

the photo of all your pieces curing with pins through them is such a lovely shot! you are also a fantastic photographer as well as amazing jeweler and paper genius! thanks for sharing some of your Frucci process.